Mande Milkshakers

The Northshore’s first marching group and women’s organization, the Mande Milkshakers, have been shaking things up, in Mandeville, since Mardi Gras 2016. With the goal of promoting the city of Mandeville and raising money for Miracle League Northshore, the ladies in red, who promote physical fitness by way of a “good time”, have even more shenanigans up their sleeve.

In addition to marching in Mardi Gras parades, the Mande Milkshakers perform at community events such as “Easter at the Trailhead” and the “Mandeville Family Reunion”. The group has also been hired to perform at special events such as corporate conferences and grand openings. The Mandes always bring the party!

Whether the ladies in red are dancing for themselves or dancing for the community, they always have a charitable aspect to each event. Raising money for their charity partners is a main goal of the organization and fuels every decision the organization makes. Fun, Friendship, Fitness and Philanthropy is our motto.

Catch us around town sometime. The #shakelife is contagious!

Mande Annual Events

January – Meet the Mandes Live Dress Rehearsal Parade

February/March – Mardi Gras Parades

May – Mande Audition Kick-Off Meeting

July – Mande Independence Day Parade

July – Making a Mande Live Audition

August – National Milkshake Day

September – Polka Dots and Pearls Ball and Charity Auction

October – Polka Dot Pub Crawl

Community Events (2017/2018)

October (2017) – Night Against Crime

October (2017) – Boo Fest

November (2017) – Bucktown Seafood Festival

December (2017) – Hammond Christmas Parade

December (2017) – Old Mandeville Christmas Parade

March (2018) – Independence Sicilian Heritage Festival

March (2018) – Easter at the Trailhead

May (2017) – Mandeville Family Reunion


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